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Right of revocation

Return rights

A customer can drow back his intenet contract declaration without any reason in a text format (Letter, E-Mail, Fax) within 14 days, or he can return the received goods. The time line begins from the date of receipt.

To grant your Return safe and in time, please send the declaration or goods to:

Letter to: Parccurate Europe GmbH, An der Tongrube 7, 40789 Monheim, Germany
Fax: +49-2173-684763

Results caused by Return

In case of an effective Return, we have to get the goods back and may deduct the lost value caused by the usage on this cerntain good, and the customer can get his payment back within 14 days. If the customer could not grant the Return of the good, or if the good were already defect due to his faults, we can unfortunately not refund the payment.

The customer has to take the cost of Return, if the paid value of the goods is less than 40,- EUR or he lives outside Germany. In other cases a Return is free of charge.



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